Luxury Home Marketing Group June Focus: Prepping Clients for New Home Loan Closing Procedures in 2015

Continuing education is a core value for members of the Raleigh-based Luxury Home Marketing Group. June’s meeting focused on a presentation from Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas (NMLS#51213) detailing new mortgage disclosures that will be impacting the real estate closing process.

“At our heart, we are a networking group,” said LHMG President Jill Rekuc. “Continuing education is critical to the advantage we provide. We represent clients selling homes in the $750,000 range and higher. Sessions like this provide the most updated information possible to buyers and sellers in this segment of the Real Estate marketplace, while helping them maximize the value in their transactions.

Denise Beatty of Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas detailed the new mortgage disclosures and closing procedure-changes, for loan applications taking on or after October 3rd. These new integrated mortgage disclosures are all in an effort to help the consumer “Know before they Owe.” These new changes may increase the amount of time necessary to close residential real estate transactions.

June’s tour included the following homes: 1004 Chagford Way, Devon, Raleigh represented by Kimberly Conroy; 1118 Baslow Brook Court, Chatsworth, Raleigh, represented by Linda Bird Kolarov; 6833 MacTavish Way, MacTavish, Raleigh, represented by Linda Craft; 8816 Valentine Court, Richmond Hills, Raleigh, represented by Lindsay Taylor.

The Luxury Home Marketing Group is always seeking strategic partners. If your business involves elite homes, and you are interested in membership, contact President Jill Rekuc at 919-389-0555. Visit the LHMG blog,, website,, and Pinterest board ( for more details. The Luxury Home Marketing Group’s marketing partner is Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas (NMLS #214800).

Background: The group was formed in 2004 as a coalition of luxury home real estate experts, representing luxury home buyers and sellers by applying extraordinary real estate expertise and service in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park and surrounding counties. Executive Board members are: President Jill Rekuc of Olde Raleigh Real Estate, LLC , Vice-President Linda Bird Kolarov, Secretary Deborah Nance Treasurer, Lindsay Taylor and Past-President Linda Craft, Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS®. Members include Kathy Beacham, Shawn Britt, Kimberly Conroy, Steina DeAndrade, Ida Terbet, Mary Edna Williams, Mollie Owen, Leslie Young and Gail Perry.