Choosing Home Improvements to add to Home Value

Home improvement projects can deliver a greater quality of life to your home AND increase your home’s value. However, If your end goal is increasing the home’s value, it’s a good idea to involve a specialist, such as a realtor, or home improvement specialist, to choose the right kind of project, materials and partners.LHMG Logo
Raleigh’s Luxury Home Marketing Group took on the topic of home improvement for home value’s sake during their May meeting, with a presentation from Eddie Casanave of Distinctive Remodeling in Raleigh.
Casanave discussed key factors to consider when looking at a home improvement project, including innovative design and quality craftsmanship. Proper preparation for a home improvement project, from the Distinctive Remodeling website, include:

  1. Contacting a trusted home improvement specialist (first steps)
  2. Outlining your hopes for the project with your specialist
  3. Stay involved in the project design
  4. Prepare your input on ideas you’ve gathered, to make sure the design reflects your input
  5. Stay engaged with the management of the project.

If your choice is purely for greater quality of life, you may make the improvement decision without regard to the home’s resale value. In this situation, you may still benefit from consulting a real estate professional to talk about the project’s impact on your home’s value, so you don’t significantly harm your chances for resale by choosing something that’s so personalized, you’ll never find someone else to share your vision.
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